The Frogurt Store

Our story

We welcome you to The Frogurt Store, first of its kind self-serve frozen yogurt store in Wellington city. We are a family owned business. In 2013, when we first arrived in Wellington, it was love at first sight. We loved this city and we loved its character. But we also loved our frozen yogurt. We searched high and low, looked every nook and corner but couldn’t find a single frozen yogurt store in Wellington. Our craving taste buds were majorly disappointed. It didn’t seem quite right. A city as beautiful, as diverse, and as metropolitan as Wellington should definitely have a frozen yogurt store somewhere. When in 2014, there still wasn’t any store in the city, we decided to take things in to our hands. Heck, the matter was serious! It was unfair to the frozen yogurt lovers. So we decided to gift Wellington one. For all the love Wellington has given us, we wanted to say ‘Thank You’ with this store. And thus, The Frogurt Store was born.

Tried, tested and loved in so many countries world-wide; self-serve frozen yogurt concept has fast taken New Zealand’s fancy too. And that’s not surprising considering how much we love our ice-cream. At The Frogurt Store, you create your own cup with flavours and toppings that your heart desires. It’s creative and fun, it is indeed “happiness in a cup.” And that taste! Who needs ice-cream when frozen yogurt tastes so good! If you haven’t tried us yet, seize the day and come in today!