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Frozen Yogurt Smoothies

Oreo Smoothie

We make our smoothies with a lot of love and passion with fruits and our frogurt that is low fat. Our quirky combinations make our smoothies so good, you would know when you taste one. They are filling and tasty, could be your breakfast or lunch. We try and have new smoothies from time to time. At the moment we have:

1. Very berry (with the goodness of berries, frogurt and banana)
2. Banana Peanut Butter (with bananas, frogurt and Pic’s peanut butter)
3. Mango Delight (with mango pulp, banana and frogurt)
4. Oreo Smoothie (with oreos, frogurt and banana)
5. Blueberry-Banana (with blueberries,frogurt and bananas)